Friday, February 22, 2013

The Resurgence of Vinyl

The resurgence of vinyl

                                                new vinyl releases at HMV, Toronto
In December I was invited to play with the National Ballet of  Canada.  In my off time  I rejoiced in finding a music store HMV.  Not only did they carry cds and the usual but they also had a substantial collection of new releases on vinyl.  How can this be?   Turns out vinyl has been making a comeback slowly but steadily.  It's not only the baby boomers rediscovering their old vinyl collections, but apparently a whole new generation (raised on digital alone) are discovering the joys of the turntable and vinyl.  In the age of digital downloads, 3,000 tunes in your pocket and emphasis on convenience and quantity,  people are finding the joy of LISTENING to music again. 

Think about it.. you have to actually be engaged to put  a record on.  One might actually sit down and have a listen rather than walking  or rushing about.  Also lets face it, Vinyl, (to many of us) just sounds better.